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    10.30am on Sunday and Compline at 8pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday with catch up available

    St. Mary's is a Church of England parish church. That means that the church community is here for everyone in the parish. St. Mary's is a really friendly church and people of all ages come to join in worship and other activities. We generally have a happy time together, but we face sorrows and difficulties together too. We are doing our best to live out our Christian faith by following the example Jesus set, but being human we know we are not perfect, and we struggle at times like everyone else. We are very keen to be the church that our wider community needs and we would love to hear from you about how we may be that - on a Sunday when you would be very welcome at a church service, or at any other time. We hope you enjoy this website. Please do visit or contact us if you would like to know more.


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    As a church we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and we are committed to ensuring our church and hall buildings are safe places for all.  If you have any concerns about safeguarding you can contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Mrs Anthia Page - tel: 020 8460 1960 or email: anthiapage@gmail.com