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What it means to be a Christian

Sometimes God can seem like a complete irrelevance, but we know deep down, that this is not all there is. When we contemplate for a moment the vast mathematical beauty of the cosmos, or when we witness truly unselfish, sacrificial love shown by one human being to another or become aware of a deep longing in us that nothing seems to satisfy; all these things tell us instinctively that there is more.

One place to start is with Jesus, and we find out about him through the Bible. Here so much of what he did can be summed up by 'love' - he asks us to love God and love everyone else.

Our relationship with God is built through prayer and worship, and strengthened through his response to our prayer.  Our relationship with others is also built through offering the love that people need, to reflect the love of God and God's greatest desire is that everyone should experience his love.

Fellow Christians in the church community can help on this journey of discovery.  Not because they think they are perfect or know everything, but precisely because they don't. We all need to explore and learn together, supporting each other along the way, and that is what St. Mary's church community tries to do.

We would be thrilled if you would like to join this journey of exploration into the Christian faith. If you would like to talk about it please contact Alan, the vicar, or any of the ministry team, or come along to church on a Sunday, when we would love to see you.


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