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Creationtide is a church season running from 1st September to 4th October 

The above picture is from ‘Genesis’ from a collection called Images by Endre Ö Hévézi.

It is an abstract animation set to music

During creationtide our services will be as follows:

5 September  10.30am Family Communion     

Climate Sunday, thinking about the great challenge facing our planet

12 September  10.30am Family Service                

Using an initiative from Christian Aid called a Prayer Boat to appeal to COP26

9 September  10.30am Family Communion

God saw what he had made and it was good, thinking about teh divine activity

26 September  10.30am Family Communion

We are stewards of creation, thinking about our human response

03 October   10.30am Family Communion

COP26 - One month to go, thinking about the activity of teh nations

10 October   10.30am Family Service

Harvest Festival giving gratitude to God for our sustainance