Mothers' Union May Sale

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Mothers’ Union members get their hands dirty.

MU members get involved. They grow plants, they knit blankets, they befriend young families, they cater for funerals, they babysit, they bake, they fundraise, they visit, they comfort, they pray.


More than this, they support each other through times of crisis, and share the good times as well as the less good. Much of the fund-raising is channelled through the Spring Sale. And the Spring Sale is mainly about plants*!

If you want to stock up with plants for the summer, whether these be flowers or vegetables, St Mary’s is the place to come in the Spring. Here you will pick up plants that have been lovingly nurtured and are ready to take on the world. And you will not have to pay the earth for them! Plants grown in greenhouses, porches, lean-tos and bedrooms are waiting to delight you with their robust fruitfulness. Hence you will only too happy to part with your cash, because, not only will you receive a bargain, but you will also be helping less fortunate people.

Every penny raised goes to Mothers’ Union good causes. The two that St Mary’s focuses on are the Literacy Project and Away From It All (AFIA). The first is an empowerment of women by education, mainly in the Third World, so that they can fend for themselves and their families. This results in better health, improved relationships, more income and therefore a higher living standard. AFIA simply provides holidays to families in our part of the country that, through no fault of their own, (loss of job, divorce, illness), find themselves unable to afford a break. St Mary’s MU identifies with both these situations and strives to raise as much money as possible to help those who have so little.

The plants* are part of a bigger picture of service to the community. Spreading Christian love and supporting families is the MU’s reason for existence. See it in action at the Spring Sale and on other occasions throughout the year with St Mary’s Mothers’ Union.

*At the Spring Sale there are also books, bric-a-brac, preserves, cakes, toys and a raffle, all in the guise of a coffee morning with “exceedingly good cakes”.